Math Department

Mathematics Department Mission  

The educational mission for the Department of Mathematics is to provide the students with the fundamental knowledge needed to function effectively in high school, college, and real-world settings. This includes:

*addressing the needs of each student;
* presenting thought-provoking, challenging and engaging lessons;
* assisting students with integration of math skills in other disciplines and real-world experiences.

The AMS Mathematics Team

7th Grade

  • Mr. Kyrin Banks: 
  • Mr. Charles Carter: 
  • Ms. Yvonne Ealy:
  • Mr. Cris Garner:
  • Mr. Brian Harrington:
  • Mrs. Nicole Smothers:
  • Mrs. Claudia Sylvester:

8th Grade

  • Mrs. Sheterra Smith-Bihms: 
  • Mr. Craig Kichty:
  • Ms. Karen Spooner:

Math Skills Specialist

  • Ms. Robin Sweet:


  • Mr. Marcus Pruitt:
  • Ms. Jericah Jackson:

Feel free to contact your teacher via email or by the school phone at 281-985-6580!

Math Family Night will be held in December 2016! Date TBA...

What We're Learning This Year  

7th Grade 1st Nine Weeks

Unit 1: Compare, Add, Subtract, Mult
iply & Divide Rational Numbers

  • Visual Representations of Rational Number Relationships
  • Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide Positive & Negative Rational Numbers

Unit 2: Solving Rates, Ratios, & Percents

  • Financial Assets, Liabilities, & Constructing a Net Worth Statement
  • Using a Family Budget Estimator for Basic Needs
  • Calculate Unit Rates from Rates
  • Convert Between Measurement Systems
  • Solve Problems Involving Ratios, Rates & Percent

Unit 3: Percent Applications

  • Calculate Sales Tax & Income Tax
  • Analyze & Compare Monetary Incentives
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest

Unit 4: Probability

  • Find Probability of a Simple Event & its Complement
  • Represent Sample Space for Simple & Compound Events
  • Experimental & Theoretical Probability
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Predictions
  • Probability Simulations
  • Make Inferences About a Population

8th Grade 1st Nine Weeks

Unit 1: Real Number Relationships

  • Visual Representations of Real Number Relationships
  • Approximating the Value of Irrational Numbers
  • Scientific Notation
  • Order Real Numbers

Unit 2: Equations & Inequalities

  • Write Equations & Inequalities from Situations
  • Write Real World Situations from Equations & Inequalities
  • Model & Solve Equations

Unit 3: Angle Relationships

  • Facts About Angle Sums & Exterior Angle of Triangles
  • Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal
  • Angle-Angle Criterion for Similarity of Triangles

Unit 4: Pythagorean Theorem

  • Models & Diagrams
  • Use Pythagorean Theorem & its Converse to Solve Problems
  • Distance on a Coordinate Plane

Unit 5: Similarity

  • Attributes of Similar Figures
  • Dilations on a Coordinate Plane
  • Algebraic Representation of Dilation on a Coordinate Plane
  • Effect of Dilation on Linear & Area Measurement